Damaged Devils Must Die.

I posted this poem in response to Robert @JamesOtisJr2016 who wrote the poem Alone.
The aim of blogging about this was to put light to how creating a resolution adds to powerful poetic imagery for yourself and your reader.


Just Some Speculation On A Wise Wednesday…

Life is more often than not crazy. I just can’t help but notice a few things that make the world seem even less sane however… This week’s Wednesday Wisdom is about speculation on the world around us – does anyone stop to think about these things or is it just me?

For The Roses…

Yesterday, I read this post called “Roses” by Chris Nicholas at The Renegade Press… It hit me somewhere deep, which is highly unusual. Everyone who read it thus far could relate with his pain only too well, which was brought about by losing the love of his life, followed by the devastating realisation that she really meant the world to him. Despite the fact that it’s a horrible and heart-wrenching happening, the post was so beautifully written. It got me really thinking about Love.

A Day in the Life of a Writer

The wonderful world of a freelance writer. Here’s one for the writers, creatives and freelancers out there: never give up.