To the End of 2016!

On my instagram and other feeds lately, I have been venerating what a year 2016 has been! You can check out my collection of impermenence relections here if you do not have access to facebook or instagram 😉

Here is my poem to 2016, I really hope you enjoy, that you have been enjoying this festive season and that you had an exceptionally merry christmas!


Looking back upon a mental abstract,
Of the last passing year,
I perceived the parts of me,
drowning inside the last vestiges of hidden fear.
Perception is so precious,
Regardless of who, when, how, what, or why.
Growth is the drive in us to adapt,
To observe, apply, thrive and fly!
This year seemed to fly on by,
Like a mighty bird of prey in powerful flight,
Dropping clues into my lap,
Which have enhanced my sight.
I am grateful to my Heart,
For putting up with me,
For showing me always a way back,
To a golden land and a sea in harmony.
Compassionately, teaching me the ways of treachery.
Kindly alerting me and letting trapped thoughts soar free.
A snake in my midst then transformed,
Becoming a serpent of wisdom with such viscosity,
The taste clung to my soul seductively,
Before its cleansing venom smothered me soothingly.
This subtle silver light circulating my veins,
Gestating angel wings, now spreading out in full beauty.
My love swirling like clouds beneath my feet, supporting me.
Silence and Serenity have perched on my shoulders,
The wise owls to guide my speech.
I give my thanks to 2016
And look forward to what more life has to teach.

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Till next week,  x.


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