Day 13: The Girl Without Hands

Here is a short story that I painted with words for day 13/15 of the tales of grimm challenge. I hope you enjoy! The Girl Without Hands Over many moons ago, There lived a beautiful widow, Who gave up her hands one night, Instead of losing her son’s life. They then saved up,And had silver […]

Day 12: The Golden Goose

Day 12 of the tales of grimm challenge, a story about a golden goose… The Golden Goose There was once a poor farmer’s lad, Who did not have a great mind for thinking, Instead he was always obnoxiously glad, His golden heart impervious to sinking. One day, out on the field, His father noticed a […]

Day 11: Witch’s Poison

Day 11 of the tales of grimm challenge 😉 Here’s one for any bickering husbands and wives! Witch’s Poison Once upon a time long ago, There lived a King and his wife, Who plotted to end her husband’s life, So she could have full rights to the throne. She consulted the evil presence of a […]

Day 10: The Language of Animals

Day 10 of the Tales of Grimm Challenge on Instagram, using the prompt “the language of animals”. I needed to write something with a dragon in it, it’s just been too long lol. I hope you enjoy! A Time to Return A young man once took a walk, Along an enchanted countryside, When suddenly a […]

Be Like the Wind

—–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—– If you like my writing or art, please share, comment what you think and feel free to make requests 🙂 Stay tuned for more xx Source: Be Like the Wind

State of Being

State of Being In the space, Which fills each one, Dwell four entities, All part of the inner sun. Emo cries and screams, Ego is the best in a fight, Consciousness ebbs and flows, While awareness tries to shine bright. The lights are out. Chaotic confusion results. Ego beats down on awareness, Emo taunts him […]

Poetry is…

What is poetry to you? World poetry day was just the other day! All poets are welcome to step up to this little 13 word challenge, hosted by @bymepoetry on instagram, beginning with the words ‘Poetry is…’ —–Original by Nina LT—– If you like my writing or art, please share, comment what you think and […]