This is not such a straightforward poem, but it is one of the best poems I’ve ever written.
It’s based off a dream I had with a partner of mine in the past. We were both samurai set to fight to the death…
The italics represents the female voice.
The bold represents the male voice.


Calm, Cool, Collected.
Crisp and Cold.
No mercy for those
Who battle the blades I doth hold.

Fair, Fiery, Focused.
Forlorn and Fierce.
No enemy is safe
From the kiss of my steel pierce.

Bow to my opponent.
The calm before the storm.
I take a deep breath
As I look to his form.

Her eyes are sharp.
Sheโ€™s calculated in her stance.
Her blades shine shade lethal.
I think Iโ€™ll enjoy this dance.

Is he smiling?
Why does she hesitate?
He thinks this is a gameโ€ฆ
Sheโ€™s making me waitโ€ฆ

Poised, and ready to go.
I breathe out and unleash the first blow.

Here she comes, look at her flow.
I just dodged what felt like a tornado.

Strike after miss.
Dodge after swing.
Heโ€™s testing me.
Just keep smiling.

Did he just laugh?
Did she just smile?
This is no time to be weak.
She just lost her own trial.

Heโ€™s gaining strength on me.
It took me so long to see.

On striking back, now is the time.
Iโ€™ll let her know that sheโ€™s all mine.

This is too much!
Whatโ€™s going on?
Heโ€™s attacking back
But my speed is gone.

Iโ€™ve learnt her tricks.
Iโ€™ve breached her walls.
Sheโ€™s got a lot to learn,
But still she stands tall.

Heโ€™s so strong.
She still blocks my blows.
Iโ€™ll at least put up a fight.
Sheโ€™s swinging in the last of her throws.

No longer Fierce.
No longer Cold.
Weโ€™ve melted beyond.
It was a thing foretold.

Original by Nina LT
This blog is dedicated to posting my earlier poetry.
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