Blood Above Destiny Insert 004

Hey guys! Another update on the literary side of things. I have completed the prologue and chapter 1/30 of my vampire novel Blood Above Destiny. My only true goal? It will be better than twilight! Here is a completely out of context insert from the very first chapter. Enjoy 🙂 —–Stay tuned for morexx Source: […]

Angels’ Kiss (Behind the Scenes)

This was a 13 word story I was challenged to write, using the word kiss 🙂 .I also decided to show you guys how I like to illustrate using a pencil, fineliner and erasor. Enjoy! —–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Source: Angels’ Kiss (Behind the Scenes)

My First Poem :0

I wrote this when I was 8 years old and never stopped writing since then. I have also never changed since then. Purple is still my favourite colour, flowers are still a love affair of mine, baking and dough making are still a passion and nature is still my favourite place to be :> —–Original […]

Micropoetry of the Week

—–Original Poems & Illustrations by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Source: Micropoetry of the Week

The Depths of Depression

This is a response to a pyramid poem I was asked to write. The first line is one word, the second line two, and so on until line five – then you work your way back down to one again. I wanted to also make a statement here. Depression does not necessarily have to be […]

I write.

I got asked several times why I write this week. It happens to also be the reason I draw or express anything! Here is my response to your requests :)I also want to add how grateful I am to all the people who regularly subscribe to my works. Thank-you so much for all the support […]

Winkful Thinking

Hand crafted by yours truly 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well out there! —–Original by Nina LT—–Stay tuned for more xx Source: Winkful Thinking