Eternity’s End

I’ve finally got all my feeds in sync, which means that I am doing away with my “micropoetry of the week” posts and just posting to match now.Here is a haiku using the prompt ‘Eternity’ for all you poets who like knowing what inspires me πŸ˜‰ Beneath that is my first entry into the May Tribe Slam. As of yesterday, I decided to join @tribeofpoets on IG. They are hosting a poetry slam which involves using the date in May as the poems word count! That’s right, a one word poem. Hope you guys like it! (I say this word like Floxy-Noxy-Knee-Hilly-Pilly-Fication. I think the pronunciation here does not do it justice :P)

—–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—–

Stay tuned for more xx

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Source: Eternity’s End


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