Word Gallows

—–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Check out my patreon page for updates on my latest illustrations, poems, stories and prints: patreon.com/wednesdayexpressions Source: Word Gallows Advertisements

The Flavour of Greed

—–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Source: The Flavour of Greed

Day 4: The Black Wolf

Day 4 of the Tales of Grimm challenge, hosted by two awesome poets on instagram 🙂 This poem is based off a really awesome story I wrote a few years back. I love werewolves, vampires and all things fantasy! Contemplating publishing that story, will see how it goes… The Black Wolf Dagger at the ready, […]


I have been doing much research into how the body works this month, really taking a look at how it works on a cellular level. I then got challenged to write about forgiveness on instagram. I say that it’s very important to understand that the actions of others are nearly incomprehensible, when our actions and […]

Damaged Devils Must Die.

I posted this poem in response to Robert @JamesOtisJr2016 who wrote the poem Alone.
The aim of blogging about this was to put light to how creating a resolution adds to powerful poetic imagery for yourself and your reader.