Apocalyptic Regret Series

Was asked to write 14 word stories for the theme of apocalyptic regret. This is what I came up with πŸ™‚ —–Original Poetry & Illustrations by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Check out my patreon page for updates on my latest illustrations, poems, stories and prints: patreon.com/wednesdayexpressions Source: Apocalyptic Regret Series Advertisements

The One?

Some of us fight to keep our romanticism alive in this estranged reality. I take my hat off to all of us – it’s not always so easy! —–Original by Nina LT—–Stay tuned for more xx Source: The One?

Angels’ Kiss (Behind the Scenes)

This was a 13 word story I was challenged to write, using the word kiss πŸ™‚ .I also decided to show you guys how I like to illustrate using a pencil, fineliner and erasor. Enjoy! —–Original Poem & Illustration by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Source: Angels’ Kiss (Behind the Scenes)

His Memory

Was challenged to write a series of 30 word stories using different word prompts. Instead of doing such, I fabricated one 30 word story that incorporated as many of the words as possible. This is what came out of that πŸ˜› —–Original by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Source: His Memory

Micropoetry of the Week

Micropoetry of the Week Here are the bunch of micropoetry creations I made this week, each of which are either haikus or for a five word story challenge I’ve entered on instagram (details at the bottom of this post). All illustrations are my original pen work πŸ™‚ To support me, please add a view to […]

State of Being

State of Being In the space, Which fills each one, Dwell four entities, All part of the inner sun. Emo cries and screams, Ego is the best in a fight, Consciousness ebbs and flows, While awareness tries to shine bright. The lights are out. Chaotic confusion results. Ego beats down on awareness, Emo taunts him […]

Day 9: The Six Swans

Day 9 for the tale of grimm poetry challenge. Instead of writing a fairy tale, I decided to rather write a tribute to the goddess and to femininity. The six swans here outline six principles that can be applied for harmonious living all round πŸ™‚ To read this story, please follow this link: Day 9: […]