Blood Above Destiny Insert 005

—– Another insert from the fantasy novel I am writing. —– Stay tuned for more πŸ™‚ Check out my patreon page for updates on my latest illustrations, poems, stories and prints: Source: Blood Above Destiny Insert 005 Advertisements

Thought Carrion

Feeling depressed? Here is a rather interesting transformative piece of short descriptive literature that I wrote (with illustration) to move a mountain of my own. —–Original Story & Illustration by Nina LT—– Stay tuned for more xx Check out my patreon page for updates on my latest illustrations, poems, stories and prints: Source: Thought […]

Forgotten Memory

Hi there! This is the latest in a series of short stories I have begun writing and illustrating. If you love my work, please consider taking a look at everything I have to offer on my patreon page: Β  Β Stay tuned for more!

Day 15: Cursed by Gnomes

I loved writing this poem. Plus one for all the gnomes! Cursed By Gnomes When the clock’s hands hustle past midnight hours, Miniature feet scurry in and about the flowers, Past the cat who hunts the moonlit mice, Undetected to any who don’t think or see twice. . Dabbling here, meddling there, Destroying furniture at […]

Blood Above Destiny Insert 004

Hey guys! Another update on the literary side of things. I have completed the prologue and chapter 1/30 of my vampire novel Blood Above Destiny. My only true goal? It will be better than twilight! Here is a completely out of context insert from the very first chapter. Enjoy πŸ™‚ —–Stay tuned for morexx Source: […]

Blood Above Destiny Insert 003

With the tales of grim challenge, I didn’t have much time to write 200 word inserts from the vampire novel I am in the slow process of writing. Back to bringing you more curious inserts πŸ™‚ If this is difficult for you to read, just follow the link to the source below for the fully […]

An Angel in the Darkness

Here is a short existential story I wrote after being inspired by the below picture, in combination with a really beautiful debate I had with somebody about the light and the dark, and all the things these opposites represent to us. I love writing about these concepts in stories and abstract means of expression. I […]