Latest News & Updates

Here you can find a list of all the lastest projects I am working on and their progress statuses.

  1. My Patreon Page!

    Please take a look at my patreon page for the latest news regarding my brand Wednesday Expressions. There you will see free of charge my latest poems, prints, book inserts, illustrations, rewards and more!

    If you love what you see, please consider donating $1 to help me continue creating!

  2. Blood Above Destiny

    Blood Above Destiny is a vampire fantasy novel I am working on, because deep down inside, I feel that Twilight has been giving vampires a bad name.

    Status: Prologue + 2 /30 Chapters Completed

    Time Estimate: 2018

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  3. Online Print Store

    If you love my illustrations, you will be pleased to know that I am always in the process of making prints for my online store. Check it out!

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